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We write your product descriptions

Clear, custom-made product descriptions


Spark the interest of your customers’ with a better product description

Sell more by having Tekstleverancier write your product description! A product description is the business card of your product. It contains all the important facts about the product being offered and usually the customer makes a decision based on this product description. However, writing a neat, binding story about a product can be quite complicated, especially if you have no experience with it. Outsourcing this task ensures that you can continue to focus on what you are good at. After all, your core business is where you prefer to concentrate. We do the same thing, but our core business is writing your product descriptions!

A high-quality product description

Be honest: do you buy a product with a nicely presented description or a product description full of grammatical errors and incomplete sentences? Exactly, you don’t even have to think about it! You want your products to sell well, so nothing is more important than an excellently written product description. We understand this better than anyone else and that’s why you can entrust your content to us. Our SEO specialists and creative copywriters kill two birds with one stone: namely, promoting your products in an excellent way and increasing the visibility of your company in search engines!

Your customer finds and understands your product better with SEO texts

By using the right keywords, the average Google user finds your online company faster and easier. Especially when we delve into your target group and address your customers in the right way. The result is a higher conversion. A click on your product, reading the catchy product description, and one look at the professional photo of that same product. That’s all it takes to get a new order.

Tekstleverancier describes your products appropriately

No matter what target group your company has, we adapt to it. For us it is important that the written product descriptions fit your company. From strictly business to young and dynamic and everything in between. Our content speaks directly to your customers, in the words your customers want to be addressed with! Our texts are written to a high standard and triple-checked before they come your way. Do you have a short deadline? That’s no problem either. Our work is always ready on time and delivered quickly to you. This way, as a company, you have everything under control and you never have to worry about the product descriptions on your website. Focus on what you do well, and we’ll do the same.

Non-binding quote or just brainstorming?

Getyour product texts written directly or curious about what we can do for you?

Our approach

The key words of our approach are quality and good service. Whether we write SEO texts, job texts, blogs, or link building texts, we provide catchy, appropriate, and error-free content. This begins with getting to know your company, so that we have a clear understanding of your wishes and tone of voice. It is also important for us to inventory how you want to present your products. We then engage a copywriter who is the best match for this task. After delivery, a final thorough check is carried out by one of our quality controllers.
Based on this personal approach, we arrive at a product description that contains the right tone and the best keywords. The latter is important to ensure that customers can find your products better through search engines like Google.


Your input

We gather all important information about your products, such as the features and target audience for the product.


We write

We engage the right copywriter for the task, who creates a clear product description based on your input and the best keywords.


We deliver

Our quality controller checks the text and delivers it to you. If desired, we fine-tune the text based on your feedback.